Planning application 2007/0172

Letter templates to use for objecting

Below are links from which you can download letter templates (Word documents) to your computer. You can use these templates to help you if you intend to write a letter of objection to this planning application.

Note: it's always best to write your own letter of objection, with your own thoughts and opinions put in your own words. However, if you want to use one of our standard letter templates to save you some time, please feel free. Remember that even if you use the draft letter, you can always edit and add to it.

To download a letter template, right mouse click on the link and choose 'Save Target As... Then choose a location on your computer to save it in (for example My Documents) and click 'Save'. Remember where you saved it, then open Word, open the saved document and put in your own name, address and anything else you want to add. Don't forget to save when you're done! Then print it out, sign it and send it off.

Important note: If you are re-working a letter that you sent in objection to the last application, please be sure to remove any references to the land being inside the Gower AONB. This is because the new application no longer relates to the smaller field that is within the AONB - only to the larger one that is just (just!) outside.

Download blank letter template

Download standard letter of objection